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One of the things that makes Born Learning so unique is the rich, research-based content that is consistently delivered across all of its products.  Its playful design and bold colors visually link the entire collection, including the supporting group of product handouts.

These handouts, or parent tools, are designed for distribution to new parents, care givers, and family members of young children.  Generally ordered in bulk and then given away new parents and caregivers, these tools are great resources for parents on the go.  They can be distributed at hospitals, doctors offices, day care providers, schools and other community venues, anywhere new parents and caregivers frequent.

Some handouts contain facts and best practices for different ages and stages of a young child’s life, some focus on engagement ideas and using everyday moments as learning activities, some are designed to spark language and learning skills, and others combine topics.  One of the great things about parent tools is that they come in varied mediums and sizes; from inexpensive flyers to brochures, from laminated booklets to bound books, there’s a tool to fit just about any budget or distribution need.

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An assortment of accessory products can also be found to support Born Learning campaigns.  From park benches and picnic tables that encourage longer stays at our trails, to bibs and changing pads that make great new-parent gifts, to additional trail kit components that make reordering “a snap”, these items are designed to enhance the Born Learning experience. 

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